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Protecting Our Seniors: Never Give Your Credit Card to Anyone Who Calls YOU

The idea that the police will call you and demand a fine to cover missing jury duty might sound like an obvious scam to some folks, but to a lot of people, especially our elderly folks, this kind of call … Continue reading

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Friday Photo

Tide pools on the Oregon coast, 2008

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Eagle Scout Molests Younger Scouts, Pleads Guilty

Well, at least he had the sense to plead guilty (or maybe just the fear of a much harsher sentence).  The Scouts are still lax when it comes to protecting Scouts from each other.  Let’s hope this is a wake-up … Continue reading

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Hawaii’s Compassionate Child Abuse Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations is a law that gives a person a set time period to file a lawsuit.  Once the statute of limitations expires, you are prevented from continuing with the lawsuit if a defendant objects to the late … Continue reading

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