About the Practice

Striking out on his own in June of 2013 after practicing with a major Portland firm for over a dozen years, Kristian Roggendorf brings a personalized and client-centered approach to his clients.  Specializing in Civil Appeals, Child Abuse cases, and Representing Citizens against the Government, Roggendorf Law LLC is here to help people who have been abused by those with power.

Kristian is recognized in the Oregon legal community as an impassioned and intelligent advocate for victims of powerful interests.  In the child abuse area, Kristian has placed his stamp on numerous aspects of child abuse law in the Pacific Northwest, successfully arguing in favor of expanding opportunities for child abuse survivors to get their day in court.  In cases such as N.K. v. Corporation of Presiding Bishop of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 175 Wn. App. 517, 307 P.3d 730 (2013); Jack Doe 1 v. Lake Oswego School Dist., 353 Or. 321, 297 P.3d 1287 (2013); Doe v. Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 837 F Supp.2d 1145 (D. Idaho 2011); T.R. v. Boy Scouts of America, 344 Or. 282, 181 P.3d 758 (2008); and Schmidt v. Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon, 218 Or App 661, 180 P3d 160 (2008), Kristian has used his intellect and advocacy skills hold accountable numerous institutions of trust and responsibility for their failure to keep kids safe.

As an advocate for citizens, Kristian has fought unrelentingly against unlawful or oppressive government action.  In cases like State ex rel. Ross v. City of Portland, Multnomah County Circuit Court Case No. 1401-00990 (2014); State ex rel. Haggenmiller v. Clackamas County, Oregon Supreme Court S060685 (September 6, 2012); Curry v. Clackamas County, 240 Or App 531, 248 P3d 1 (2011); Luethe v. Multnomah County, 240 Or App 263, 246 P3d 487 (2010); State ex rel. Dewberry v. Kulongoski, 346 Or 260, 210 P3d 884 (2009); Emmert Industrial Corp. v. City Of Milwaukie, 307 Fed Appx 65, 2009 WL 118074 (9th Cir., January 07, 2009);  Li v. State, 338 Or 376, 110 P3d 91 (2005); and City of Portland v. Courter, Multnomah County Circuit Court Case No. 9810-07438 (trial, 2003), Kristian has helped take government entities to task for ignoring and breaking the law for their own convenience, or attempting to silence the voices of Oregon citizens, landowners, and voters.

In all of these cases, Kristian has showcased his skills as a trial level and appellate advocate, earning the respect of judges and opposing counsel alike.  Tenacious, determined, strategically-minded, and always in your corner, Kristian Roggendorf and Roggendorf Law bring large-firm intellectual bona fides, boutique skill, and solo practitioner client service to even the scales when you are in a fight against modern-day Goliaths.

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