About Me


After working at his previous firm for 13 years, Kristian has now ventured out on his own to form Roggendorf Law LLC. Whether it is guiding you through the labyrinth of appellate litigation, zealously representing those who have been abused by the institutions they trusted to protect them, or making sure your civil servants do not misuse their authority, Kristian can give your case a firm foundation in the law.

Your best chance of success is being right on the law.

Specialties: Appellate Practice, Lawsuits Against Government Entities, Child Abuse and Other Tort Claims Against Institutional Actors, Firearms Rights, Constitutional Law, Oregon Initiative and Election Law; Condemnation, Land Use,  Administrative Law, and Other Civil Litigation

In his personal life, Kristian is a devoted husband and a proud father of two rambunctious children.  he enjoys the Oregon outdoors year-round, with snowboarding in the winter, whitewater rafting in the summer, hiking no matter the season, and semi-automatic rifle and handgun shooting when the mood strikes.

Past times:

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  1. jeff kirsch says:

    Hello, We would be interested in getting copy of lawsuit. I work for Fox 12. Thanks!

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