Governing by Blackmail

Shutdown theater proceeds apace.

Our WWII Veterans are still showing us snot-nosed kids how to do things right.  “The memorial’s closed?  Nuts to that!”  Storm those barricades, boys.  If the Nazis couldn’t stop you at Normandy, the feds can’t stop you now!

On the plus side, we won’t be getting hectored about out dietary choices on social media with the FLOTUS site down.  By the way, why would a personal site for the First Lady go dark because of a government shutdown?  Since when is “First Lady” a formal title for an official position in the administration?  Even more odd, you mean someone is paid in actual money and receives government benefits to pretend to tweet for Michelle Obama?  Maybe we need an extended shutdown “furlough” for “non-essential” workers like that.

It is appalling and embarrassing that grown adults would engage in a public temper tantrum by shutting down the things that people actually use in the federal government.  No word that IRS, DOE, HHS, HUD, or EPA is shuttering because of this.  It really galls to see this same type of government blackmail used to forever turn the ratchet of bigger government and higher taxation.

Cancelling or withholding the visible and popular things government does to fund the deputy undersecretary to the assistant director of sustainablility or whatever is utterly ridiculous, and we as Americans should demand more of our government.  The Senate didn’t pass a budget for over four years, and everything kept right on churning. Now we’re supposed to believe that a single day without funding requires a shut down of our entire infrastructure, even those things that don’t take any people to run?

Closing our National Forests.   Good Lord.  We are governed by a pack of petulant brats.

UPDATE:  Then again, maybe shutting the national parks is a good idea (at least for today)!

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