Jerry Brown should be ashamed of his pathetic attempt to justify protecting the Church


Borwn vetoed a bill that helped the victims of child rape because it was underinclusive.

Vetoing a bill because it doesn’t extend tort liability to the government … That’s gotta be a first.

Governor Jerry Brown, the ex-seminarian, appears to still be well-entrenched with his former Jesuit instructors by vetoing the bill that would allow another window for abuse victims to bring suit against any private entity that allowed child molesters access to victims and provided cover for their crimes.   The reason was transparently bad: the bill didn’t extend to public schools.  Yeah, as if he would sign a bill that extended liability to the teacher’s union, too.  To quote the great McEnroe:  C’mon!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, public schools are a cesspit in vital need of some clearing out to remove pedophiles.  But that’s not any sort of reason to veto a bill that allows child abuse victims to seek some measure of justice for being raped as a child.  It’s like saying that the bill shouldn’t pass because there is civil strife in Somalia.  One thing has nothing to do with the other.

As a lawyer representing child abuse victims, I can forthrightly say that I would love to see this bill pass to help those victims get some relief.   Why won’t Governor Brown similarly admit his obvious bias in favor of “protecting” the Church?

Christ took a bullwhip to those defiling the Temple by using it for a commercial marketplace.  I tend to believe that He would feel the same about those who prize the monetary assets of the Church over doing right by children who were sexually victimized by trusting and believing in the priests who were supposed to act in persona Christi.  Pope Francis recognizes that the worldly money and power of the Church has been a corrupting influence, and that hoarding or squandering Church funds is something worthy of punishment.  Apparently, Brown places a higher priority on the Church’s balance sheet than on its mission to seek the truth and help the suffering.


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