“Viewed Differently”

Exactly how were “child abuse [and] rape” viewed “differently” by the Chicago Archdiocese years ago?

SNAP: Chicago Archdiocese leaders should be prosecuted following release of priest sex abuse documents

Were they not considered grave, mortal sins?  Were they not to be punished to the full extent of the law?  Were they not heinous crimes against those the Christ himself said should come to no harm, lest the offender wish he had never been born?

Seriously, exactly how did Cardinals George, Bernardin and Cody view child rape?  As an occupational hazard perhaps.  Or maybe a risk management issue. 

However they viewed these vile transgressions against the dignity and innocence of little children, it was obviously not the correct way, or the behavior would have swiftly ceased after a few high visibility punishments.  Instead, these men silenced victims, condoned rape, and shuffled perverts around the Chicago Archdiocese and the nation.  Perhaps finding some jail time for them would be helpful, you know, pour encourager les autres.

Congratulations, SNAP, for shedding light on the dark practices of the Chicago Archdiocese. 

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